29th - 31st October 2019
Dresden, Germany

Organised by info@tdnuk.com +44 (0) 1245 407 916

Combat Helicopter: Europe's Largest Dedicated Military Helicopter Event

The 7th edition of Combat Helicopter will provide the tri-services community with the unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of future requirements and capabilities for next generation rotary platforms.

Europe’s largest dedicated military helicopter event will bring together over 300 delegates from 30 NATO+ friendly members and partners to discuss, plan and solve current and future operational requirements across 3 days.

The agenda is currently being written, however key focus areas will include:

  • Operational feedback
  • Maritime Surveillance
  • DVE
  • Weapons/Armaments
  • Logistics/Cargo/transport/heavy lift/HUSTLE Ops
  • MRO & HUMS (particularly around Mi Platforms)
  • Self protection/Survivability/armour
  • Avionics/Sensor/Nav/cartography modernisation
  • CSAR/PR - Denmark and US AF perform SAR operations
  • Autonomy
  • Improving cost of ownership/ Commonality of systems
  • Communications/SATCOM
  • Platform comparison (Attack vs Multirole- how to best spend £)
  • Modernising Mi Platforms/ Sustainment of legacy platforms
  • Cyber/software/EW
  • Augmented/Virtual reality
  • Weight reduction
  • Training, Virtual reality & simulation
  • Radars (weather/DAS/collision avoidance)
  • Counter UAS
  • Fuel/power/energy alternatives
  • Survivability/Fuel Stream
  • Helicopter procurement/upgrade programmes
  • Medevac & Casevac Missions
  • Mid-Life upgrade programmes

“Some of the best ideas come from people talking and it’s only when we come together that your world expands” - Colonel John Peters, OC Rotary Wing Test & Evaluation Squadron, UK MoD

“Understanding the challenges nations are facing allows us to be interoperable” - Dan Bailey, Chairman NATO Next Generation Rotorcraft Team, US DoD

Please contact Sales Director James Whitlock to discuss sponsorship and exhibition opportunities. E: james@tdnuk.com T: +44 (0) 1245 407 916

Download the agenda, including the most up-to-date speaker line-up, today.